Order landscape or a still life

You can order landscape or a still life oil painting in Kiev at “Artstatus ” art studio. You’ll get the picture of the modern artist, performed with all the tricks and techniques of classical painting. Landscape and still life are the most popular genres of oil paintings proposed by the art studio.

Artist Andrey Kutsachenko is a regular participant of art exhibitions and plein airs. Therefore, most of his oil landscapes are created outdoors and directly from nature.
If you order a landscape or still life, you can be completely sure that you get the painting of a very high quality. You are guaranteed to get a great professional oil painting for order.

Landscapes created by artist A. Kutsachenko belong to the collections of a number of art museums in Ukraine.
These are Kirovohrad Art Museum, Berdyansk Art Museum. Brodsky, Museum of IY Franco (p. Nahuyevychi)

The oil still lifes created by artist Andrey Kutsachenko perfectly combine bright colors and expressive painting. As a rule, modern still life painting is thematically appropriate for any holiday occasion. This makes it one of the best options if you would like to make a great and memorable gift.

Order a landscape or a still life in Kiev by calling 097 450 72 21, or send email a.kucachenko@gmail.com

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note that if a painting is not marked sold it is available for purchase. However, if you would like to order the
painting that has been already sold please give me a e-mail. I can custom this piece exclusively for you (an additional 100% of the price is applied).

Once payment is received we will prepare your painting for shipping. Once the painting is shipped you will received a a USPS tracking email with the expected date of delivery.

The paintings are shipped worldwide, personally and carefully packaged in acid-free supplies. This allows to exclude any possible negative effects on an art work that may occur during the transportation.