Furniture painting

Furniture painting is not a new hobby of decorators – it is an all-time classic. The origins of the tradition of painting furniture and decor go back literally to the beginning of the birth of civilization – Egypt, Cretan-Mycenaean Greece. And the most widespread painting of furniture has received, starting with the Baroque and Rococo era.

As soon as a person began to create furniture and interior decoration items, a trend towards decoration appeared almost immediately. Utilitarian and functional purpose was inherent in beauty. As far as financial possibilities are concerned, each person wanted to decorate the interior and household items as much as possible. The more wealth the family had, the more they tried to give individuality to the interior.

Wood carving, inlays, marquetry, textile decoration and, of course, furniture painting have become the main decorating techniques in the development of furniture design. Whole huge artels and factories worked on the creation of furniture design, and professional artists have always been involved in the development of artistic decor.

At all times, finished furniture with artistic painting was considered a luxury item and the main highlight of the house, the pride of the owners. Furniture was decorated with ornamental grotesques, flowers and plants in the style of Chinoiserie or (“China”), butterflies and dragonflies in the Art Deco style, pastel grout and aging, patina and gold leaf, aged images of flowers in the style of shabby chic, Moroccan and oriental ornaments .

All these styles are used in decorating furniture and interior items to this day. Times are changing, and fashion trends still do not lose their relevance.

So, you’ve decided to decorate your interior with painted furniture – what could be easier? In fact, you will immediately face the complexity of the choice, since the finished furniture with painting is very expensive. Even if your budget allows you to buy ready-made furniture with painting, it may not suit you in style or design.

What to do? The answer is obvious – you can order art painting on furniture from us. We will make high-quality art painting of furniture or interior items as soon as possible, we will help you decide on the style and design. You only need to select an image – we will take care of the rest.